Keywording Made Easy

It's a fact: comprehensive keywording can boost your image sales.

Built by image professionals for image professionals, Image Keyworder was developed through collaboration between photographers, keywording experts and software developers.

Image keyworder's user friendly interface and thesaurus comprising tens of thousands of terms makes keywording faster and more comprehensive.

Whether you need to keyword photos, paintings, illustrations or any other kind of digital image this is the keywording system for you. Image Keyworder will help with most of your picture indexing needs allowing you to caption, keyword and add metadata to your entire archive. With its comprehensive thesaurus / dictionary of terms you will find that this digital asset management tool is intuitive and easy to use.


The support team at Image Keyworder is pleased to announce the release of a new version of Image Keyworder. In addition to some changes to our interface and improvements to export functions, the new version includes custom functions for contributors to

Should you wish to submit images to Alamy, you will be able to switch to Alamy Mode so you can quickly keyword images to comply with their new submission guidelines. There is also an export function that will confirm when your images are ready for Alamy submission.

Only US$79.99 including a one year subscription to the English language thesaurus worth US$39.99

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